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How to Find the LearnDash Course ID

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Were you told that you need to insert the LearnDash course ID for one of your blocks or shortcodes to work properly? 🧐 Did it make you feel like a lost puppy in a haystack? I feel your pain. So, let’s alleviate it.

There are generally two ways to find the LearnDash course ID, both of which we’ll cover in this article.

Little puppy in a haystack

Aww, poor guy. He can’t find his course ID. 😂

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Why You Need the LearnDash Course ID

The main reason you’ll need your LearnDash course ID is to use it with a LearnDash block or shortcode. Many LearnDash blocks are smart enough to detect which course, lesson, topic or quiz the user is viewing, and will display the appropriate content for that course.

However, if you use some blocks/shortcodes outside of a LearnDash page (on a sales page or custom page built with Elementor or Beaver Builder), you will need to use the course ID to tell LearnDash which course you’re referring to.

You might also just want to display information related to a specific course.

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How to Find Course ID Without a Plugin

If you just need your LearnDash course ID once or twice, you can easily find it without a plugin. The quickest way to locate the LearnDash course ID is by navigating to the LearnDash LMS > Courses page in the WordPress admin.

On that page, hover over the course you need the ID for. Depending on your browser, you should see a link appear somewhere near the bottom of your screen. This URL contains the course ID.

LearnDash course ID on hover

Example using Google Chrome on Mac. The course ID here is 71.

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Alternatively, if you’re already on the course edit screen, you can simply look up in your URL bar and see the course ID.

LearnDash course ID in URL

Look at the URL when on the Edit Course screen

How to Find Course ID With a Plugin

This option is best for when you need to access the LearnDash course ID often. It’s also great because it exposes the IDs for all other WordPress post types, including blog posts, pages, lessons, topics & quizzes.

  • Install & activate the Reveal IDs plugin
  • Navigate to your LearnDash LMS > Courses page, and voila!
LearnDash course ID with Reveal IDs plugin

The Reveal IDs plugin adds an “ID” column to LearnDash courses

By default, this plugin will reveal IDs for all WordPress post types. To disable it on certain post types, click on Screen Options at the top of the page, and deselect “ID.”

If you have any trouble finding your LearnDash course ID, just let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hi,
    I am pretty much new in Learndash and I am still having it hard to understand how to use the shortcodes. In a previous tutorials, I was excited when I read in the heading that it was going to be about how to use short codes, but my when I went through it, it was all about listing short codes and what they do.
    So how to you apply the codes to perform their functions?

    • Hi Israel — You apply shortcodes by adding them to the WordPress editor, when you’re editing a page, post, course, lesson, etc. They get added in the same place you add any other content you want to display on a page.

  2. angelica quioyo

    I am pretty much new in Learndash and I am still having it hard to understand how to use the shortcodes.
    May I ask, how can i get the course id, automatically appear on the connected certificate without using shortcodes? but using with a perfectly functional plug in?

    • Hi Angelica,

      The only way to output dynamic course information on a certificate is by using shortcodes.

      Since LearnDash does not provide the course ID in its [courseinfo] shortcode, I would suggest you manually just type it in. This will require you to create a unique certificate for every course.

      We have an article on how to get the course ID here.

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