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Ever since LearnDash was purchased by LiquidWeb/StellarWP in September of 2021, LearnDash pricing has become more complex. You used to just have a single price for the LearnDash plugin license per year. All official LearnDash add-ons were included for free, except for ProPanel, which was included on the second and third highest plans.

Now the LearnDash pricing page has many options, and it’s not immediately clear what you’re paying for. We’re here to make it easy:

  • How much does LearnDash cost?
  • What plans are available with LearnDash?
  • Which LearnDash add-ons are included in your license?
  • How is LearnDash Cloud different from the LearnDash plugin?
  • …and many more of your LearnDash pricing questions, answered.
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Watch our LearnDash pricing video or skip below to the written version.

2024 LearnDash pricing explained (15:30)

Let’s start off with a few frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked LearnDash Pricing Questions

Is LearnDash free?

No, there is no free version of LearnDash. LearnDash has always been a premium WordPress plugin.

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How much does LearnDash cost per year?

If you’re just building one website with LearnDash, it costs $199/yr.

Does LearnDash offer a lifetime plan (LTD)?

No. Almost 10 years ago, LearnDash offered an LTD for a brief time, but for almost a decade, LearnDash has never offered a lifetime deal. I would not expect them to offer one in the future.

Does LearnDash have a free trial?

No, LearnDash does not offer a free trial. However, they do have a demo site you can try before you buy. You must provide your email address to gain access to the demo.

What happens if I don’t renew my LearnDash license?

LearnDash will continue to work on your site, but you will no longer receive updated versions of the plugin, and lose access to LearnDash support. This might be okay for a short period, but security issues are likely to arise, and you’ll need an active LearnDash license to install them. You also can’t receive any new LearnDash features.

What is the MemberDash plugin?

MemberDash is a completely separate plugin created by the LearnDash team. It is designed to help you build a membership community, not an LMS.

Is there a coupon code for LearnDash?

LearnDash occasionally runs sales. To see if there’s a current deal on LearnDash, visit our LearnDash discount code page.

Now let’s get into more details about LearnDash’s pricing, plans, add-ons, hosting, and more.

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LearnDash pricing page
The pricing page, as of February 2024

LearnDash Plugin vs. LearnDash Cloud

The LearnDash plugin option on LearnDash’s pricing page simply means you get access to the LearnDash plugin, plus all of the official free add-ons.

The LearnDash plugin is what you install on a WordPress site to create your online courses. You would choose this option if you already have a WordPress site, or plan to purchase your own WordPress hosting. The plugin is only available for a yearly cost (no monthly options).

LearnDash Cloud means you get access to the LearnDash plugin (and free add-ons), plus you get WordPress hosting to go along with it. So instead of buying your own hosting, LearnDash is providing it for you.

Quality LearnDash hosting varies in price quite a bit, depending on how big of a site you have, how many students, how often the students access the site, and many other factors. It starts around $25-30/mo. and can quickly increase from there if you have a growing elearning platform.

Both the LearnDash plugin & LearnDash Cloud renew automatically as subscriptions, until cancelled.

LearnDash Plugin Pricing

The LearnDash plugin includes all of LearnDash’s core features, access to their free add-ons, plugin updates & new features, and access to LearnDash support.

  • 1 site, $199/yr.
  • 10 sites, $399/yr.
  • Unlimited sites, $799/yr.

Buy the LearnDash Plugin →

LearnDash Plugin: Plan Comparison

1 Site10 SitesUnlimited Sites
Unlimited courses & users
Quiz question types888
Course content protection
Drip-feed content
Certificates & badges¹
Email notifications²
22 official free integrations
Email support
Updates & new features
Course forums³
Advanced reporting⁴
Multiple instructors⁵
Phone/Chat support
Free version
LearnDash plans, feature comparison (Dec 2023)

¹ Badges require the official LearnDash Achievements add-on
² Requires the official LearnDash Notifications add-on
³ Requires bbPress, BuddyBoss, or another third-party forum plugin
⁴ Requires the ProPanel add-on ($49/yr.)
⁵ Requires the third-party Instructor Role plugin

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LearnDash Cloud Pricing

LearnDash Cloud information

LearnDash Cloud also includes LearnDash’s core features and free add-ons, plus:

  • WordPress hosting
  • ProPanel, LearnDash’s official reporting add-on ($49/yr. value)
  • Solid Security plugin ($99/yr. value) – learn more
  • Object Cache Pro ($948/yr. value) – learn more

There are 3 LearnDash Cloud plans to choose from, each with different specs, depending on the size of your learning platform.

LearnDash Cloud pricing table
LearnDash Cloud pricing, plan comparison table
  • Starter, for 1,000 learners: $25/mo. or $300/yr.
  • Growth, for 5,000 learners: $49/mo. or $492/yr.
  • Pro, for 25,000 learners: $99/mo. or $996/yr.

Check out LearnDash Cloud →

LearnDash Cloud is a good option for beginners who don’t want to research different hosting plans, or those looking to get started building their site right away.

While I don’t like to speculate without data to back up my claims, I have a very hard time believing their plans can support that many simultaneous users for that price. If you’ve got 1,000+ simultaneous users on a LearnDash Cloud site, please tell us about your experience in the comments.

LearnDash Cloud: Plan Comparison

Price$25/mo. or $300/yr.$49/mo. or $492/yr.$99/mo. or $996/yr.
# of coursesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
# of learners1,0005,00025,000
20% off add-ons
Free domain
Daily backups
SSL certificate
PHP workers203040
LearnDash Cloud pricing & plan comparison (Feb 2024)

LearnDash Pricing: Add-Ons

Here’s where things get a little more confusing. Which LearnDash add-ons are included for free, with your plugin or Cloud subscription, and which ones cost an additional fee?

LearnDash Free Add-Ons

The following 22 add-ons are included for free with both the LearnDash Plugin and LearnDash Cloud.

Now let’s take a look at the 4 premium LearnDash add-ons.

LearnDash add-on pricing
LearnDash has 4 premium add-ons, all with identical pricing

LearnDash ProPanel Pricing

LearnDash ProPanel is the official reporting plugin for LearnDash. It allows you to track student enrollment, monitor assignments, identify struggling learners, and more. It is included with a LearnDash Cloud subscription, but must be purchased separately with all LearnDash plugin plans.

Curious about other options? View all LearnDash reporting plugins →

  • 1 site, $49/yr.
  • 10 sites, $99/yr.
  • Unlimited sites, $199/yr.

Like all other LearnDash products, it includes updates & support for 1 year, and renews automatically as a subscription.

LearnDash ProPanel

LearnDash Groups Plus Pricing

LearnDash Groups Plus allows you to manage groups by setting up organizations, assigning team leaders, creating message boards, and more. The pricing is the same as ProPanel.

  • 1 site, $49/yr.
  • 10 sites, $99/yr.
  • Unlimited sites, $199/yr.
LearnDash Groups Plus

LearnDash Notes Pricing

LearnDash Notes allows students to take notes on course content, as well as open up two-way communication with instructors. Pricing is the same.

  • 1 site, $49/yr.
  • 10 sites, $99/yr.
  • Unlimited sites, $199/yr.
LearnDash Notes

LearnDash Gradebook Pricing

LearnDash Gradebook allows students to take notes on course content, as well as open up two-way communication with instructors. Pricing is the same.

  • 1 site, $49/yr.
  • 10 sites, $99/yr.
  • Unlimited sites, $199/yr.
LearnDash Gradebook report card example

LearnDash Pricing: Bundles

In addition to buying LearnDash add-ons individually, you can also bundle add-ons to save a little money. Both of LearnDash’s bundles include the LearnDash Plugin, as well as updates and supports for the included add-ons for 1 year.

LearnDash bundle pricing
Choose between two LearnDash bundles that include the plugin + specific add-ons

Ultimate Course Creator Bundle

The Ultimate Course Creator bundle is for those looking to build the most advanced, fully-featured LMS on WordPress. It includes all 4 of LearnDash’s premium add-ons:

  • LearnDash Plugin
  • ProPanel
  • Groups Plus
  • Notes
  • Gradebook

Savings in parenthesis, compared to purchasing the add-ons individually.

  • 1 site, $299/yr. (save $96/yr.)
  • 10 sites, $599/yr. (save $196/yr.)
  • Unlimited sites, $1,399/yr. (save $196/yr.)

Buy this bundle →

Student Success Bundle

The Student Success bundle only includes 2 of LearnDash’s premium add-ons:

  • LearnDash
  • Notes
  • Gradebook

I find it a bit strange that ProPanel is not included. You would think that tracking student enrollment, monitoring assignments, identifying struggling learners is paramount to “student success,” but… 🤷‍♂️.

  • 1 site, $249/yr. (save $48/yr.)
  • 10 sites, $499/yr. (save $98/yr.)
  • Unlimited sites, $1,099/yr. (save $98/yr.)

Buy this bundle →

If you have any questions about LearnDash’s pricing, or need help choosing a plan or add-on, let us know in the comments. We’d love to help you out 🙂.

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