I’m compiling a list of all the LearnDash CSS customizations I’ve ever made for clients of mine. If you’d like to get in on the action, leave a comment on this page or contact us here with what type of CSS changes you’re trying to make, and I’ll reach out to you about making it happen.

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Gray Out Lessons for Unenrolled Users

On the LearnDash course page, when a user is not enrolled in the course yet, they can see the names of all the lessons, topics, and quizzes in a course, but they can’t click on them to access them. LearnDash displays a message when you hover over them (“You don’t currently have access to this content.”), but what if you wanted to gray them out so it was more obvious that a user can’t click on them?

Inaccessible LearnDash lessons grayed out for unenrolled users

That’s where this LearnDash CSS comes into play. We even take extra care to not gray out your sample lessons, so unenrolled users can still access them.

Cost to implement: $25