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How to Award a Certificate on Completion of Multiple Courses (Certification Track)

I’ll briefly outline below how I made this happen, but here’s a video explaining how I set up a certification track in LearnDash. If you need to offer a certificate after the completion of multiple courses, this is for you.

Award a certificate after completing multiple courses in LearnDash

With LearnDash, it’s easy to award a certificate upon completion of one course. You can also easily provide a certificate upon completion of a quiz.

However, if you need to award a certificate upon completion of multiple courses, it’s not as easy. Here’s the best way I found how to award a certificate after completing several courses.

Creating a New Course for Just the Quiz

  1. Create a new course that just contains one quiz
  2. Set the course to FREE (this makes the course page viewable to everyone, but you have to be logged in to access it)
  3. Set course prerequisites for this course (in my case, 3 courses had to be completed in order to take a final exam to get the certificate)
  4. Apply your certificate to this course

Creating the Quiz

  1. Now create the quiz and place it within this course
  2. No prerequisites for the quiz
  3. DO NOT apply any certificates to the quiz
  4. (optional) Add in a completion percentage in order to pass the quiz (ex: they need to score a 70% or higher to pass the quiz)

This prevents them from accessing the certificate until they have scored a 70% or higher.

Use Shortcodes to Enhance the Experience

I also used some shortcodes & messages to help enhance the experience.

Place a message at the top of each prerequisite course that only shows up for those who have completed it [course_complete] message [/course_complete].

I provided a link to the final exam course, as well as a link to purchase any other courses that they might not have bought yet (example: If they only bought 1 of the 3 courses in the certificate track, they’ll have a link to buy the other 2).

If you have another way of setting this up, or any creative idea for achieving the same thing, I’d love to hear it. Please share in the comments.

LearnDash Certificate Font Issues: Question Marks, Accents & How to Fix Them

Update: 26 Aug 2020
A LearnDash representative has posted a comment below with a better solution. This is what we now recommend.

Having trouble with certain unicode characters on your LearnDash certificates? Do you have students whose names contain letters with special accent marks? Or are you just seeing question marks on your certificates and have no idea why?

LearnDash allows you to offer certificates to your students after successful completion of quizzes and/or courses, but in rare cases, the student’s name might not appear correctly. The most common reason for this is the default font used for PDF generation doesn’t support certain special characters.