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2 Ways to Manually Enroll Users into a LearnDash Course

There is no shortage of powerful form builder, membership & ecommerce plugins that automatically enroll users into your LearnDash courses. But many educators still like to enroll users manually.

There are 2 ways to manually enroll users in LearnDash. Let’s go over each one.

Choose your own adventure… 🏔🏕🧗‍♀️⛷🚣‍♀️🏋️‍♀️⛹🤺🏇♟️🛴🤹‍♀️

Enroll One User into a Course or Courses

If you only need to enroll one or two individual users into a course or set of courses, this will be your best option. We’ll utilize the user’s profile page in the WordPress admin area to handle everything.

  1. Navigate to Users > All Users
  2. Click on the person’s username to access their WordPress profile
  3. Scroll down to the User Enrolled in Courses section
  4. You should see two columns: “Search All Courses” and “Search Enrolled Courses”
  5. In the Search All Courses column, click the course you want to enroll the user in
  6. Now click the arrow to move that course to the Enrolled Courses column
  7. Be sure to click the Update User button when you’re finished
LearnDash enroll one user into course(s)

Hold down ctr (windows) / cmd (mac) to select multiple courses

Enroll Many Users into One Course

If you need to add a bunch of users into a single course, the approach is a little different. To bulk add users to one course, we’re going to use the Edit Course page.

You might want to open a second tab with your All Users screen. We’re going to need the user IDs from that page.

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Courses
  2. Click on the course you’d like to add users to
  3. Scroll down to the LearnDash Course Settings section

Real quick, if you don’t know how to get a WordPress user ID, watch this video. You’ll want to use the “Reveal IDs” plugin for this.

  1. Locate the Course Access List textbox in the Course Settings
  2. Add each user ID to this textbox, separated by commas
  3. Be sure to click the Update button when you’re finished

LearnDash bulk add users to course

Now all of these users will have access to that course.

If anyone knows of other ways to manually enroll users into a LearnDash course, please let me know. These are the only two ways I’m currently aware of, outside of using additional membership or ecommerce plugins.


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  1. Von

    can you manually add a user on a closed course?
    I tried using “ld_update_course_access” on my functions.php but it looks like its not completely enrolled to it.

    • Hi Von,

      I can’t speak to using that function. I know that function exists, but I have never used it.

      I just tested adding a user (subscriber role) to a closed course using the first method outlined above (going to the user’s page, selecting the course, adding it to their list of enrolled courses, and clicking the “update” button).

      It worked perfectly. They were enrolled. They had access to the course. The “take this course” button was gone. And I could click through to the first lesson.

  2. Sara


    For some reason all users have access to a course which is meant to be paid for.

    The course is showing as ‘Open’ but if I try to change the setting to ‘Buy now’ and update it still goes back to being ‘open’

    Is there any way to fix this?


    • A course status of “Open” will definitely make it available to everyone. But I’m not sure why it would be getting reset.

      After you change it to “Buy Now,” are you clicking the “Update” button in the top-right corner of the Edit Course page?

  3. Justus

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for sharing this info with the LD community. I’m looking for a solution to enroll students to a course (or better still recommend) students to a course after doing a pre-assessment quiz, based on the students’ performance.

    Any recommendations please?

    • Hey Justus,

      I have not done anything like this, but it sounds like something I would try to use a quiz builder and/or form plugin to achieve. Here are two options you can look into:

      I believe both would allow you to assign scores/values to each answer, and then based on a certain score at the end, you could recommend certain courses.

  4. Kandhan

    My all courses are enrolled automatically to all. How can i stop this.

    • You probably have them set to “Open.” Go to edit the Course, scroll down and look for Course Price Type. “Open” means that everyone in the world, logged in or not, will have access to the course.

      Read this article for info on which course type to choose.

  5. Thanks Dave. I’ve been looking for a group enrolment solution without buying another add in. Even easier if you a bulk export of user ids!

  6. tp


    Any idea how to automatically enroll to course after user makes a new account ?

    • It depends on what you’re using for the user to make a new account. If you set your course to “Free” and use LearnDash’s login/registration, the user should be granted access to the course automatically after they register.

      If you’re not using LearnDash’s login/registration, you can enroll users automatically using many of the third-party extensions found here.

  7. Hello I hope someone here can help me. I have my users properly enrolled, all permissions set up right (using activemember360) still the course content doesnt show for my enrolled students. Any ideas of what might be happening? I checked ALL the settings of everything and it should work!

    • Hi Gabriela — This definitely sounds like an issue with how things are set up in ActiveMember360. Unfortunately, I don’t use it so I’m not familiar with it, and can’t provide any insight. But their support team should be able to help you. I’d reach out to them.

  8. Hello! Firstly, this article was of great help. Secondly, I want to ask you that is a way of selling courses offline in Learndash like voucher code system?
    Studyntest Team

  9. Jay

    Hi Dave,

    Why everytime someone done his purchase through woocommerce credit card payment there are no trigger on the learndash course to enroll? Meaning i must manually enroll from the WP user section.



  10. Second way with Course Access List – doesn’t work properly for some times. I’ve impact with unexpected behaviour of the LearnDash system. And developers suggested me to avoid to use that way.

  11. Thanks for sharing.

    Course Report populates the user’s ID in the .csv file.

  12. Vrishank

    HI thanks for your excellent website and information. I use a different way which works well. We have Agile CRM ( free version)integrated to Learndash through WP Fusion ( free version).
    1. Start by uploading a csv file with all the names/email etc and add a tag to the data for the course they are enrolled in.
    2. Then go into LearnDash Settings and the WP fusion Settings and Import Users. This allows you to import your list from Agile CRM using the tag you associated with the CSV list you imported into agile.
    3. Once you import it will populate the Learndash Users list with all the details including the course tag.
    Works really well.

  13. Trying to do a migration from another LMS. I have the user ids to add in bulk, but the field provided in this tutorial doesn’t seem to exist. Has it moved? TIA

  14. Lucas

    Is there a way to send an email to the person I just enrolled manually with a username and password to access the course?

    • Hi Lucas — LearnDash specifically does not have a mechanism for sending an email when adding a user to a course, but… you can send a user an email through WordPress when you create an account for them. When you go to Users > Add New, you’ll see an option to “Send User Notification.” Just make sure that box is checked. The user will receive an email with a link to login, as well as set their password. (see screenshot)

      There are most likely plugins that would let you do this, but it’s not native to LearnDash.

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