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If you have a lot of courses on your site, you might be looking for a way to bulk edit your LearnDash courses or lessons. LearnDash actually has a bulk edit feature built into the plugin. You don’t need any other tools to edit LearnDash settings in bulk.

Let’s jump into the WordPress admin area so I can show you how to make use of the LearnDash bulk edit feature.

Scroll below the video for the written version.

How to bulk edit LearnDash courses video (0:51)

How to Bulk Edit in LearnDash

To find the bulk editing feature in LearnDash…

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Settings > Advanced > Bulk Edit
How to get to the LearnDash bulk edit tool
How to access the LearnDash bulk edit tool

You’ll see three options across the top:

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  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Groups

Currently, these are the only 3 types of LearnDash content you can edit with the built-in bulk editing tool. Hopefully LearnDash will continue to expand upon this feature and include bulk editing for quizzes, challenge exams, and other LearnDash content types.

Bulk Edit LearnDash Courses

To bulk edit LearnDash courses, leave the first “Courses” tab selected.

Under the Which courses? section, you have several ways in which you can choose which courses you want to edit.

You can add courses to your bulk edit by choosing:

  • Where course: specific courses
  • Where course title: courses whose titles contain specific characters/words
  • Where course status: courses of a specific status (published, draft, etc.)
  • Where access mode: courses of a specific access mode (free, open, closed, etc.)
LearnDash bulk editing a course
Example of bulk editing LearnDash courses

The Which fields? section is where you’ll choose which course information you want to edit. Unfortunately, there is only one course field you can bulk edit – access mode.

Possible access modes to change with LearnDash bulk editing
Possible access modes to change with LearnDash bulk editing

You can select from all available course access modes:

  • free
  • open
  • closed
  • buy now
  • recurring

Check the box next to Access Mode, and then select the new access mode that you’d like to apply to all the courses you’ve chosen above.

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Bulk Edit LearnDash Groups

To bulk edit LearnDash groups, click over to the “Groups” tab.

Bulk editing LearnDash groups works almost the exact same way that courses work. You have all the same options.

Once you’ve chosen which groups to edit and the new access mode you want to assign, be sure to click the Update X Groups button at the bottom to apply your edits.

Bulk Edit LearnDash Lessons

Editing LearnDash lessons in bulk is a bit different from courses & groups. You’ll have more options for which lesson settings you can change. You can choose the lessons to change with the following options:

  • Where lesson: specific lessons
  • Where lesson title: lesson titles that contain specific characters/words
  • Where lesson status: lessons of a specific status (published, draft, etc.)
  • Where video progression: video progression turned on/off
  • Where video resume: video resume turned on/off
  • Where course: all lessons in a specific course(s)

Then you have 4 options that you can change on your lessons. You can turn the following options on or off:

  • Autostart
  • Video controls display
  • Video pause on window unfocused
  • Video resume

Check the box next to each lesson setting you want to update, then toggle the option on or off. Click the Update X Lessons button at the bottom.

LearnDash bulk editing lesson fields
The 4 lesson settings you can update with bulk editing

This is currently the best bulk editing tool for LearnDash that we are aware of. If you’ve used this tool, please let us know how it went. And if you have any other LearnDash bulk editing suggestions, please let us know so we can try them out.

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