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Hide/Disable “Mark for Review” in LearnDash Quizzes

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When using the Review Box in a LearnDash quiz, there’s a “mark for review” option for students. A “Review Question” button is displayed below the review box, along with a small, colored dot that indicates the color when a student has marked something for review.

If you want to remove both the dot indicator and the “review question” button, you can do so with the following CSS:

.learndash .wpProQuiz_content .wpProQuiz_reviewLegend .learndash-quiz-review-legend-item-review,
.learndash .wpProQuiz_reviewButtons input[name="review"] {
    display: none !important;

This will effectively disable the “mark for review” functionality of LearnDash quizzes.

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  1. Khaled


    Is this feature “Mark for review ” available in LearnDash plugin ?


    • Yes. There’s an option on all LearnDash quizzes to enable “mark for review.” It allows the student to mark a particular question (or questions) in a quiz for later review before submitting the quiz.

  2. Obalufe Aderemi

    Hi, I have tried inserting the code under the additional css but it’s not working. Please can u send a step by step method on how to go about it. Thanks

  3. Jack

    Hey Dave!

    Could you please help me, Is there a CSS code we can add to make just 2 rows visible for the review box with the numbers? Mine seem to be taking on the height of the content in it making it look weird on mobile view. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jack – I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to. I’d have to see the page live to be able to provide any CSS that might work. I can do this for a small fee. If you’re interested, please email me dave@escapecreative.com.

  4. I got this note from a student that is taking a quiz: While taking the assessment, I marked 1 question for review. It won’t let me retrieve the question or submit the test without answering the question.
    I’m stuck!”
    What can be done on the back end to help?

    • I’m pretty sure there’s an option in the quiz settings, or individual question settings, to not make the question required. Or not make ALL questions in the quiz required. That should fix it.

  5. Hans Jarlö

    I find this solution and it works nice. Thank you!
    But is there a way to make the user take the question in order. 1 to xx and not be able to go back to see and change an already answered question. And just use it like a progress bar?

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