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BuddyBoss only offers a lifetime deal once per year, so when it’s available, grab it quickly before it disappears. In 2024, BuddyBoss might be offering a Black Friday lifetime deal for the BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro plugin (we’ll know in October).

You can get a BuddyBoss lifetime license for:

  • 1 site = $768
  • 5 sites = $968
  • 10 sites = $1,268

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BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal

BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal

Let’s put into perspective just how good of a deal this is. Here are the regular prices for the BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro plugin:

  • 1 site = $299/yr
  • 5 sites = $349/yr
  • 10 sites = $449/yr

You can find a full breakdown of all BuddyBoss product pricing here.

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For all 3 prices of the BuddyBoss lifetime deal, they are equivalent to about 3.5 years of an annual license. If you know you’re going to use BuddyBoss for at least 3.5 years, this is definitely worth it.

Also, if you use BuddyBoss for 2 years on 1 site, but that site no longers exists, and you use it for 3 years on another site, that’s 5 years total. You would have paid $1,140 if you paid yearly. That’s a savings of $372.

And keep in mind the annual price of BuddyBoss will likely go up over time.

Check for a BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal →

For all BuddyBoss LTD customers, you receive:

  • lifetime support
  • lifetime updates

…of both the BuddyBoss Theme & BuddyBoss Platform Pro plugin.

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One of the nice perks of the Black Friday BuddyBoss lifetime deal is you also receive 10% off the BuddyBoss App… for life! Your discount is applied to new purchases of the BuddyBoss App, as well as all future renewals.

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Combine BuddyBoss with LearnDash for the ultimate LMS community platform.

If you’re not interested in the BuddyBoss lifetime deal, you can view all the BuddyBoss Black Friday deals here →