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The Complete List of BuddyBoss Shortcodes & How to Use Them

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BuddyBoss is a powerful community platform that turns your WordPress site into a social network. Many features can be inserted in various places throughout your site using BuddyBoss shortcodes (as well as blocks).

Most of these blocks are available in the free BuddyBoss Platform plugin, but a few are only available in Platform Pro.

Let’s break down all BuddyBoss shortcodes & blocks, and discuss how to use each one.

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Of course, when you’re using BuddyBoss with LearnDash, LifterLMS, Tutor LMS, or any other WordPress LMS plugin, all of the shortcodes in that plugin are also available to you.

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📘 BuddyBoss Blocks (for Gutenberg)

If you’re using the block editor (Gutenberg), I recommend using blocks over shortcodes. However, some features are still not available as blocks.

BuddyBoss Zoom Integration

BuddyBoss Zoom integration block editor
Example of the BuddyBoss Zoom block in the block editor

The Zoom integration for BuddyBoss is only available in BuddyBoss Platform Pro.

Before using the BuddyBoss Zoom blocks, you need to connect your site with Zoom, and follow the setup instructions. You’ll also need to enable certain settings in your Zoom account.

Once set up, you can insert Zoom blocks anywhere on your site, including courses, lessons, quizzes, custom post types, etc.

BuddyBoss Zoom blocks

Zoom Meeting Block

The Zoom Meeting block allows you to add existing meetings to any page, as well as create a new meeting right from within the block editor. It supports one-time and recurring meetings.

Zoom Webinar Block

This requires a paid Zoom plan that supports webinars.

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Webinars allow you to livestream video right within any page in your site. You can add new webinars or embed existing ones.

📘 BuddyBoss Shortcodes

Here’s a complete list of every available BuddyBoss shortcode. Many of these were carried over from when BuddyBoss forked BuddyPress, so if you’ve used BuddyPress in the past, some of them may look familiar.

The Example(s) column provides an example how to use each shortcode. Anywhere you see sequential numbers (i.e. 123), replace them with the ID of your forum, topic, zoom meeting, or other relevant content that you’re trying to display.

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Forums & Discussions
[bbp-forum-index]Display all of your forums in a list[bbp-forum-index]
[bbp-forum-form]Display the “Create New Forum” form[bbp-forum-form]
[bbp-single-forum]Display a specific forum’s discussions[bbp-single-forum id=123]
[bbp-topic-index]Display most recent discussions in a list[bbp-topic-index]
[bbp-single-view]Display popular discussions, ordered by number of replies[bbp-single-view id="popular"]
[bbp-single-view]Display all discussions that have no replies[bbp-single-view id="no-replies"]
[bbp-topic-form]Display the “New Discussion” form[bbp-topic-form]
[bbp-topic-form forum_id=123]
[bbp-single-topic]Display a specific discussion[bbp-single-topic id=123]
[bbp-topic-tags]Display a tag cloud of discussion tags[bbp-topic-tags]
[bbp-single-tag]Display discussions with a specific tag[bbp-single-tag id=123]
[bbp-single-reply]Display a specific reply[bbp-single-reply id=123]
[bbp-search]Display the “search forums” form[bbp-search]
[bbp-stats]Display the forum stats[bbp-stats]
Groups & Profiles
[group]View all groups of a specific group type[group type="school"]
[profile]View all profiles of a specific profile type[profile type="teachers"]
[zoom_meeting]Display a Zoom meeting[zoom_meeting id="123456789"]
All BuddyBoss shortcodes (as of Jan 2024)

👩‍💻 How to Use BuddyBoss Shortcodes

Let’s talk about how to use all of the BuddyBoss shortcodes. Most shortcodes only have one parameter—either an ID or a type of group/profile—so there aren’t many options to discuss.

General Usage

You use BuddyBoss shortcodes just like any other WordPress shortcode. They start with an opening bracket [ and end with a closing bracket ].

Some shortcodes don’t have any options (or parameters), and look like this:


Other shortcodes have one or more parameters you add to the shortcode, like this:

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[bbp-single-forum id=123]

This parameter is often an ID used to identify a specific piece of content to display. It can also refer to categories, or different types of content.

[group type="school"]


How to create a discussion forum in BuddyBoss (3:11)

Are there any BuddyBoss shortcodes that I left out? Please let me know in the comments so I can keep this reference up to date.

If you’re still considering BuddyBoss for your next project, check out our BuddyBoss price guide. It helps explain the true cost of a BuddyBoss site, the differences between the Platform plugin and BuddyBoss Theme, and other common pricing questions.

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