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Explaining LearnDash Course Types: When & Why to Use Each One

LearnDash Course Price Type dropdown

There are 5 types of courses in LearnDash, and each one offers a different set of options. The names aren’t quite as intuitive as they could be. And if you’re using a third-party membership or ecommerce plugin (WooCommerce, MemberPress, etc.), things can get even more confusing.

How do you know which LearnDash course type to choose? We’ve got you covered.

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Customize LearnDash Button Styles with CSS (Class/ID Names)

If you’re using LearnDash for your LMS, you probably know that there are buttons that perform all kinds of different functions. From navigation and payment to quiz actions, completing tasks & downloading certificates. Buttons galore!

By default, not every LearnDash button looks the same. When I built Design Upgrade for LearnDash, I went through every line of CSS to find every LearnDash button style, and I’ve compiled them all for you right here, in one convenient place.

If you’re looking to change any LearnDash button style, chances are you’ll find it here.

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Hide the Comment Form on LearnDash Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizzes & Essays

WordPress is designed to encourage discussion, and it does so by allowing comments on all types of content. This is the default behavior. In many cases, this makes sense for those who run a blog, discussion forum, etc. But for LearnDash courses, comments don’t make a whole lot of sense 🤔.

There are several ways to handle comments in WordPress, and I’ll cover all the ways to disable/hide the comment form on every type of LearnDash content, including course pages, lessons, topics, quizzes & essays.

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How to Find the LearnDash Course ID

Were you told that you need to insert the LearnDash course ID for one of your blocks or shortcodes to work properly? 🧐 Did it make you feel like a lost puppy in a haystack? I feel your pain. So, let’s alleviate it.

There are generally two ways to find the LearnDash course ID, both of which we’ll cover in this article.

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The Complete List of LearnDash Shortcodes and How to Use Them

LearnDash comes pre-packaged with a ton of shortcodes you can use to display various information. Many LearnDash shortcodes also come with a handful of options to customize how and which information is displayed.

If you’re using WordPress 5.0’s new content editor, all of these shortcodes have been transformed into LearnDash blocks, so you can insert them using Gutenberg.

Here is your comprehensive list of all LearnDash shortcodes (including Uncanny Owl shortcodes), along with how to use them.

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How to Use & Customize the LearnDash Course Grid

You’ve decided to use LearnDash for your LMS (great choice 👌). And you realized that the default courses archive page looks pretty terrible. But thankfully, you’ve discovered the LearnDash Course Grid add-on. And now you want to take it to the next level.

This post will cover all the various ways you can customize the LearnDash course grid. There are around 20 different parameters you can use to make your course grid just right, along with various ways to improve your grid’s design. Follow along as I walk you through each one, along with code samples.

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Change Font Size in LearnDash Course Navigation Widget

Are the font sizes in your LearnDash course navigation widget too small? Or they don’t match your theme?

In this post, I’ll show you how to change the font size of your course nav widget. You can change the font size of everything in the course nav, as well as target just the lessons. Let’s walk through each option.

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How to Display Course Title Over the Image in LearnDash Course Grid

The LearnDash Course Grid add-on provides a much nicer way to display your courses, but it has plenty of room for improvement. Our plugin, Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash, provides over 20 options to customize the LearnDash Course Grid design. If you’re looking to improve your LearnDash design, you should check it out. (There are over 80 options in all!)

But if all you want to do is move your course title over the image in the LearnDash Course Grid, we’ll show you how to do that with a little custom CSS.

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LearnDash Certificate Font Issues: Question Marks, Accents & How to Fix Them

Having trouble with certain unicode characters on your LearnDash certificates? Do you have students whose names contain letters with special accent marks? Or are you just seeing question marks on your certificates and have no idea why?

LearnDash allows you to offer certificates to your students after successful completion of quizzes and/or courses, but in rare cases, the student’s name might not appear correctly. The most common reason for this is the default font used for PDF generation doesn’t support certain special characters.

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How to Hide or Move LearnDash Progress Dots

On topic pages, LearnDash displays a student’s lesson progress using small dots at the top of the page. If you just want to improve the look of these dots, you can install the free Design Upgrade for LearnDash plugin.

LearnDash progress dots example

But what if you want to remove them completely? Or perhaps move them to the bottom of the page, below your topic content? With the following CSS, I’ll show you how to do both. And you can even target specific screen sizes, and only hide/move the progress dots on mobile devices.

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