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How to Mark a LearnDash Lesson Incomplete from the WordPress Admin

By default, LearnDash does not provide any way for a student to mark a previously completed lesson as incomplete. Once they click the “Mark Complete” button, there’s no turning back.

Not so fast! While the student can’t change their complete status, you as the course administrator can mark it incomplete for them. This isn’t ideal for a course with tons of students, so I’d love to see LearnDash add the ability for students to mark complete/incomplete on their own. But for now, here’s how you can do it for them from the WordPress admin area.

Watch the quick video below or read on for written instructions.

Watch a quick video that shows you how to mark LearnDash lessons incomplete from the student’s user profile

How to mark LearnDash lessons incomplete

  1. Login to your WordPress admin area
  2. Navigate to Users > All Users
All Users menu in WordPress
  1. Find the student by searching for their username or email address (the search box is in the top-right corner)
  2. Once you locate the student you need to edit, click on his/her username
WordPress users, click on username
After finding the student you need to update, click on their username (or the “Edit” link)
  1. Scroll down to the section labeled Course Info
  2. Find the course that contains the lessons you need to mark incomplete
  3. Click the (details) link next to the course. This will open up all the lessons & topics in that course.
  4. The lessons/topics that the student has completed will have a checkmark next to them. Simply uncheck the box to mark the lesson as incomplete.
How to mark lessons incomplete in LearnDash
Find “Course Info,” then click “(details).” Uncheck lessons to mark as incomplete.
  1. Make sure you click the Update Profile button at the bottom to implement the changes

Has anyone written a plugin or custom code to allow students to mark lessons incomplete on their own? Please share any other solutions you’ve come up with in the comments.

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  1. We also use LearnDash for a new project and I was pretty surprised that this isn’t an option.

    Not looking forward to the support team having to do this every day when it should be a simple thing for people to do from their end!

    • I agree, Jade. I hope LearnDash adds this ability for students to take care of on their own. I know they have some bigs plans for a version 3.0 that will likely launch in early 2019. Fingers crossed it’s included in that update.

  2. Bolo

    Thanks for this.
    But how does this affect the points earned for completing those lessons? Are the points taken off, or does the user retain those points?

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