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Setting Up LearnDash/PayPal International Currency 💷 💶

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If you’re selling courses using LearnDash’s built-in PayPal integration, there are a few important settings you need to be aware of. Most of the PayPal settings in LearnDash are self-explanatory, but there are two in particular that can cause problems 🤑… especially for those using international currency (the UK in particular).

Let’s take a look at the settings and make sure you have your LearnDash/PayPal integration set up properly for using non-US dollars.

Watch our video on PayPal settings for the UK, Pounds Sterling & Euro currencies

Login to your WordPress admin area and navigate to LearnDash LMS > Settings.

LearnDash settings menu
Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Settings

Click on the PayPal Settings tab at the top of the page.

PayPal Currency & Country Codes

On this page, there are two PayPal settings you need to make sure are accurate:

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  • PayPal Currency
  • PayPal Country
LearnDash PayPal settings, British Pounds
An example of using British Pounds in the UK

For US dollars, it’s pretty straight forward:

  • PayPal Currency: USD
  • PayPal Country: US

However, for the UK it gets a little tricky. The country code is not UK like you’d expect. It’s actually GB.

To use British Pounds in the UK, enter:

  • PayPal Currency: GBP
  • PayPal Country: GB

To use Euros in the UK, enter:

  • PayPal Currency: EUR
  • PayPal Country: GB

If you’re having trouble setting up PayPal with an international currency, check our list of PayPal codes below, or view PayPal’s list of country & currency codes directly.

Another Possible Solution

If that doesn’t work, I overheard a conversation in the LearnDash LMS Tips & Tricks Facebook group where someone entered the British Pound (£) symbol into the price on their course page. However, it looks like that might only change the appearance of your currency. You might still have problems processing payment.

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List of PayPal Country/Currency Codes

Country (Currency)PayPal Currency CodePayPal Country Code
United States (US Dollar)USDUS
UK (Pound Sterling)GBPGB
Spain (Euro)EURES
France (Euro)EURFR
Australia (Australian Dollar)AUDAU
New Zealand (Dollar)NZDNZ

Please let me know what other countries/currencies you’d like to see.


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  1. Hi, is it possible to change the currency sign (example: to $ or USD to IDR) ?
    I cant find it yet 🙁
    Thank you

    • I believe the best solution for this is to simply add your currency symbol into the price field in the course settings.

  2. Justin Hanson

    Do you know of any issues with having currency set at USD but country setup as Canada?

    Most of my customers are anticipated initially to come from the US but I’m located in Canada. My preference is to sell my courses in USD as it will be more comfortable for my US customers and have a more internationally recognized conversion for non-US students. I have set up all my Paypal and stripe accounts like this, but have yet to start charging people. Just wondering if it will work as I’m hoping or if there will be other issues I may not be aware of? Would be interested to know your thoughts or experiences?

    Also, you have a great blog, Dave!

    Thanks for all your great content. I look forward to trying out your plugin now!

    • Thanks Justin 🙂. I appreciate the kind words.

      I’m really not sure about this. I don’t use the default payment options that come with LearnDash because they aren’t as flexible as many of the ecommerce & membership plugins available. These plugins give your users an entire account area to access on the frontend, where they can edit their profile, view purchases, update CC info, cancel subscriptions, upgrade, etc.

      I’ve never tried using different country vs currency codes and I’m just not sure what would happen. However, it would make me nervous, and my gut tells me that either LearnDash or PayPal won’t like that. They might expect them both to match up.

  3. Ismail


  4. Is it possible to set up payment for a Learndash course in multiple currencies?

    • Hi Adrian,

      Yes, this is possible, but you’ll need to use a third party ecommerce plugin to achieve this. WooCommerce is probably your best option. I believe there are several add-ons that can do this.

  5. Andres

    Is it possible to show the price based on the country the customer is located?

    • Not with LearnDash, no.

      But I think there are currency plugins for WooCommerce that you can use alongside geolocation plugins that recognize a user’s location based on IP address. So if you sell your courses with WooCommerce, you might be able to use one of them. But you can’t do this with the LearnDash price displayed in the course grid.

  6. I want to show the Pakistani currency as a course price instead of USD so how can I change it?

    • As long as you’ve correctly input the correct currency codes in the LearnDash payment settings, it should automatically show the correct currency label.

  7. Neil

    What about South African Rand? I’m having some issues getting this working.

    • Hi Neil – What kind of issues are you experiencing? What is happening when someone tries to buy a course? Can you share any screenshots or videos of your set up (no personal details or API keys, please)?

  8. Neil

    LearnDash’s payment settings for PayPal doesn’t support the South African Rand Currency Code and not sure how to get past this?

    • It’s not just LearnDash’s payment settings. PayPal itself doesn’t support the South African Rand (ZAR), which means you will need to use a different payment provider. PayPal will not let you accept ZAR currency.

      If I were you, I’d consider using Stripe instead. Stripe supports ZAR →

  9. Neil Benjamin

    Thanks Dave. That’s exactly what I did. However, Stripe does not accept account registration if you’re business is based in South Africa. Another dead end. Both gateway in LD not accessible to South Africans. 😔 Thank you for trying to assist nontheless.

    • I would recommend using another ecommerce platform anyway. LearnDash’s payment methods are extremely limited and don’t provide the best user experience. WooCommerce has an extension for South African payment gateways.

  10. Hetal

    Does learndash/paypal integration support Rupees?

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